11th EG Workshop 3D Object Retrieval 2018


The workshop fees are as follows:

Non-member, Non-Student, Late registration: 290,00 €
Non-member, Non-Student, Early registration (until April 5): 240,00 €
Non-member, Student, Late registration: 240,00 €
Non-member, Student, Early registration (until April 5): 190,00 €
Member, Non-Student, Early registration (until April 5) 190,00 €
Member, Non-Student, Late registration 240,00 €
Member, Student, Late registration: 200,00 €
Member, Student, Early registration (until April 5): 150,00 €

The basic fee is 290€. At the registration page, please motivate any reduction (early registration, student (provide student number), EG member (provide member number)), and we will apply the discount.

The fee includes the proceedings, a lunch, and a dinner.

Note that Eurographics 2018 does not provide a fee reduction in combination with the workshop. To register for Eurographics 2018 separately, please go to https://www.eurographics2018.nl/attendees/registration/.

At the REGISTRATION PAGE please do the following:

  • Don’t be confused by the workshop being presented as a course. We make use of the financial transaction system of the summer school organization, for whom every event is considered a course.
  • Press the “Apply online now” button.
  • Provide your name and other registration info, you may ignore “education background”.
  • Tick “I agree with the terms and conditions”, and press “Submit”.
  • Activate your account via the email message you receive.
  • Go again to the REGISTRATION PAGE , you arrive at Step 2.
  • In the field “Comment”, you may enter your student number if you are a student, and your EG membership number if you are member. Depending on this information and the registration date, the final fee is determined, see the top of this page. You ignore the other fields.
  • Press “Submit”.

You will first receive a message stating a fee of 290€, i.e. the max fee without discounts. After your application is accepted, you will receive another message stating the final, correct fee for you. After you have made the payment for this fee, you receive a message that the registration is finalized.

In case of any problem, please contact chairs-3dor2018@eg.org.