11th EG Workshop 3D Object Retrieval 2018

Keynote Talk

Keynote speaker: Adrian Hilton (University of Surrey, UK)

Title: 4D Vision for Human Animation and Shape Retrieval

Abstract: Recent advances in 4D Vision have enabled the capture of temporally coherent volumetric shape representations. This talk will present recent advances in shape 4D reconstruction from multiple moving cameras and their use in animation content production. Temporally coherent 4D reconstruction and animation leverage shape matching across sequences to enable consistency and retrieval of frames with similar shape and motion. This talk will present the methods used for temporal shape matching based on the 4D shape trees and the matching of partial 4D surfaces. Recent advances in 4D shape super-resolution from a minimal set of camera views will also be presented.

Biography: Adrian Hilton, BSc(hons),DPhil,CEng, is Professor of Computer Vision and Graphics and Director of the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing at the University of Surrey, UK. He leads research investigating the use of computer vision for applications in entertainment content production, visual interaction and clinical analysis.  
His interest is in robust computer vision to model and understand real world scenes, bridging-the-gap between real and computer generated imagery. This combines the fields of computer vision, machine learning, graphics and animation to investigate new methods for reconstruction, modelling and understanding of the real world from images and video. Applications include: sports analysis (soccer, rugby and athletics), 3D TV and film production, visual effects, character animation for games, digital doubles for film and facial animation for visual communication.
Contributions include technologies for the first hand-held 3D scanner,  modeling of people from images and 3D video for games, broadcast and film production. Current research is focused on video-based measurement in sports, multiple camera systems in film and TV production, and 4D video for highly realistic animation of people and faces. Research is conducted in collaboration with UK companies and international institutions in the creative industries.
Adrian is currently the Principal Investigator of the EPSRC Progamme Grant S3A: ‘Future Spatial Audio for Immersive Listener Experience at Home’ (2013-2018) and EPSRC Platform Grant ‘Audio-Visual Media Research’, he also leads several EU and UK/ industry projects. Adrian currently holds a 5-year Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award (2013-2018).